One of our goals at eLiberare Design is to help share the story of social good in Romania. We’ve quickly grown from a team of just a single designer & a single developer to a full agency with 5 full-time creatives and 2 project managers. We’re also blessed to have another 4 freelancers to help us with special projects like branding, infographics, & wordgrams.

A lot of people talk about Corportate Social Responsibility (CSR). We’re far from experts in this area, but we had a desire to use our own business for the good of others. Sure, we could make a financial donation to help an NGO, but we wanted to take it one step farther and actually go good with our core business…. communication & design!

In 2013, we started dreaming about doing a 24 hour “hackathon” to give a local non-profit organization a new image with updated branding, copy, website, promo materials, video, photos, and a fundraising plan. At first thought, it sounds utterly impossible. For instance, we typically like to have 3-4 weeks to complete a new website project. Ideally you’d have at least 2 weeks to work on a new logo/branding. So, we knew we’d have to reach outside our own team and ask others to volunteer alongside us.

We launched the project under the brand Co:Lab24 with our amazing partners Zephry Group, Positive Projects, & Bridging the Gap. We were fortunate to receive some great press coverage like this, this, and this. We received over 30 applications from non profit organizations in Romania who were wanting to receive this “extreme makeover.”

After a full day of discussions & voting the partners selected CEDCD as the winning organization.

Centrul European pentru Drepturile Copiilor cu Dizabilităţi

European Centre for the Rights of Children with Disabilities (ECRCD) is a nongovernmental organization dedicated to promote the rights of the children with disabilities and to facilitate their access to assistance and protection. We believe the right to dignity of the children with disability is a fundamental right because it means the free access to social life, non-discrimination and quality services.

On March 28 at 10am we gathered with about 30 people at Impact Hub Bucharest for 24 hours of hard work!  We kicked off the morning with an introduction by Madalina Turza to the story of CEDCD.  After a brief introduction we jumped right into our tasks.  The room was divided into teams of graphics designers, web developers, copy writers, PR specialists, social media specialists, videographers, photographers, assistants, fundraisers, and of course a handful project managers!

We kept the team for CEDCD on their toes with meetings with each team.  Thankfully, before Co:Lab24 started they already completed a brief for each of the projects.  This gave each team a starting place and a basic understanding of the task before them.  We had to put a strong emphasis on completing the new branding, as many of the other projects were based on this new design.  Next up was the website architecture & design.  The video team got right to work figuring out what they could accomplish in the given time frame.  (It didn’t help that it consistently rained the entire time!  The copywriters and PR specialists stayed busy all night work on campaigns, website content, and putting together a full package of materials for future use.

You can see here some before and after photos:

We had a great time during Co:Lab24 and learned a lot about what to do different next time!  We ended on Sunday morning with the presentation of all the work.  The team from CEDCD came back and watched as each of the teams revealed what they accomplished in the previous 24 hours.  It was amazing to what a group of dedicated people can do in just 24 short hours.

Here are some photos from the event!

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Posted by eLiberare Design on Saturday, March 28, 2015

We were fortunate to have some wonderful press coverage…
Responsabilitate Sociala
PR Romania

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